How To Activate Earthquake Rescue System on iOS and Android

After another earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, residents in affected areas have been sharing videos that show how people can let rescue workers know if they become trapped under rubble.

On Monday, a 6.4-magnitude quake struck the border region at a depth of 7.7km, killing three people and injuring 213.

One video tells iPhone users to press the lock button on their device five times to sound an alarm that will call emergency services and alert people to their location.

“Since we are passing through a difficult period with many earthquakes, there’s an iPhone feature that you can activate in case you were, God forbid, facing a difficult situation when an earthquake hits,” a man’s voice is heard to say in one video.

How to activate earthquake alarm on Android

On Android, the process is similar. Help can be called by activating the emergency location sharing option and pressing the power button five or more times.

After a five-second countdown, emergency action will be taken depending on the settings activated, including calls to chosen contacts, sending a location or recording a video.

What to do in an emergency

The Syrian Civil Defence White Helmets group, which has been working on search and rescue operations since the earthquakes on February 6 and February 20, shared an infographic outlining what to do in case of an emergency.

The instructions include staying away from windows and stairs, covering the head and neck, and staying clear of buildings “which have been hit by air strike”, as well as exiting temporary shelters.

Millions of Syrians have been repeatedly displaced during a 12-year war that has left them living in tents and temporary shelters, which are weak against adverse weather, including freezing winter nights.

The White Helmets said more than 130 people in rebel-held areas were injured in Monday’s event. Turkey said three people were killed.

It is believed to have its epicentre close to Antakya, the Turkish city levelled by the earthquake two weeks ago. It was also felt in Syria, Egypt, Israel and Lebanon.

The death toll from the February 6 quake has risen to more than 46,000 people in both countries.



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