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Saudi Arabia

Saudi: 22 Websites Blocked for Impersonating Commerce Ministry for Fraud

The spokesperson of Saudi Arabia’s Commercial Ministry Abdulrahman Al-Hussain has confirmed that 22 websites, impersonating the Ministry, were blocked during the past 3 months.

These websites claimed to carry out the Ministry’s functions, with the aim of committing fraud.

Al-Hussain said, during his participation in a dialogue session at the Saudi Media Forum, the Ministry has immediately blocked these websites after monitoring accounts on social media platforms that were promoting them.

He called on everyone to be aware and careful, and to check with the official authorities in everything related to news, and also warned against falling into the trap of fraud attempts because there are many agencies that target the country and its security.

Immediate monitoring of rumours and confronting them is the best way to prevent their spread through social media platforms, Al-Hussain said.

Saudi Arabia

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