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Never Judge a Buyer

Gulf Insider interviews Colin Sattar, GM, Bentley and Lamborghini Bahrain

With over two decades in the automotive industry, including nearly 10 years at Porsche Bahrain, Colin Sattar was recently appointed General Manager of the Bentley and Lamborghini dealerships in Bahrain. In his last stint, Porsche Bahrain was recognised as the top dealership in the GCC for its customer service.

Gulf Insider caught up with the automotive veteran to talk about his experiences, his plans for the dealerships and some of his favourite cars.

As the new GM, what are the top priorities on your “to-do list” for Bentley and Lamborghini in Bahrain?

I’m aiming for Bentley and Lamborghini to exceed customers’ expectations. Over the last 10 years that I’ve been in Bahrain, I learned that if one customer isn’t looked after, none are. Word travels fast when someone’s bought a car and soon the next person comes in looking for the same. I believe it’s important to offer great service and not just a great price. A month into my new role, we’ve put together a roadmap for both dealerships – Bentley and Lamborghini. We’ve got some exciting events coming up so I would urge the readers to stay tuned and come along to engage with the two brands. 

You’ve headed Porsche Bahrain for nearly a decade. What have been your biggest highlights in that role and in Bahrain?

My biggest accomplishment over the last decade is growing Porsche’s sales and exceeding customers’ expectations year after year. We always found a way to outperform ourselves each year and Porsche Bahrain has certainly been the top dealership in the GCC for delivering outstanding customer service. Spending almost a decade in the GCC, had I known I was going to spend all this time here, I’d have probably learned a little more than functional Arabic. However, it hasn’t held me back; being in the multicultural society that is Bahrain, I’ve always found the people and the place to be welcoming.

Both “top luxury” brands are in many ways opposites. How does this influence your marketing and general management of the division? In what ways do the customers of the two brands differ from each other? 

Bentley and Lamborghini have separate locations and customers. However, the same customer may drive different cars. The world has changed in the last 10 years and so have customer profiles. Never judge a customer when they come into the showroom. Apart from focusing on new customers, I believe in valuing and nurturing the existing relationship we have with them. In the decade I’ve spent at Porsche, knowing my customers and keeping my doors open were key to a lasting relationship with them. I intend to continue doing this now with the two brands as well. 

Personally, what is your favourite model from the two brands and why? 

For Bentley, it’s the Continental GT. When it comes to an everyday drive, it just ticks all the boxes for me – a great family luxury car, similar in style to the Bentayga. For Lamborghini, it’s the Urus. Again, it’s an everyday car I can drive on the track, off the track, and makes for a great weekend drive, when I’m heading out to golf, driving on empty roads with the sea view on either side. I’m spoiled with choices from both the brands – Bentley and Lamborghini. 

How do you ensure your team’s growth while building a successful dealership?

I believe in mentoring and coaching to help the staff deliver the best. It’s not about putting pressure on them but expecting certain energy about them when they come into work. The focus is always on having a stable team and successors within the business who are ready to take on management roles. In doing so, we make sure that customers always have familiar faces to assist them over the years and experience good customer service.

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