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Stunts, Noise, Chaos: Al Lawzi’s ‘Viral’ Speed Driver Caught, Faces Charges

The Public Prosecution has arrested a reckless driver who was caught on video performing stunts, disrupting traffic, and creating noise pollution in the Al Luzi area.

The Public Prosecution said in a statement that it had received a report from the General Directorate of Traffic regarding a video circulating on social media showing the driver’s reckless behavior.

The video allegedly shows the driver making loud noises with his car’s wheels and participating in a convoy that disrupted traffic flow.

The driver was interrogated and confronted with the charges against him, which he admitted to.

The Public Prosecution ordered his pretrial detention pending the completion of the investigation and referral of the case to the criminal court. the statement confirmed, adding: “The Head of the Traffic Prosecution stressed the importance of drivers respecting traffic regulations and considering the rights and freedoms of others to feel safe and secure,.”

He emphasised that the Public Prosecution will firmly confront any irresponsible behavior that violates the law and endangers the safety and security of the community.


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