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Saudi Suspends Access to the Kingdom for Umrah & Tourism

Saudi Arabia has briefly suspended access to the Kingdom for the purpose of Umrah and visiting the Prophet’s Mosque, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an announcement today.

Saudi Arabia has additionally suspended the admittance of tourist visa holders originating from nations where the new coronavirus is spreading perilously, as per the criteria dictated by the health authorities in the Kingdom.

The service of Foreign Affairs said that this precautionary measure comes in the consummation of the endeavours taken to deliver paramount protection to the wellbeing of citizens and residents and everybody who intends to go to the Kingdom to perform Umrah or visit the Prophet’s Mosque or the purpose of tourism.

The authorities have likewise suspended the utilization of the national identity card to commute to and from the Kingdom by Saudi nationals and Gulf citizens, in order for the concerned authorities at the entry points to authenticate from which countries travellers came before their arrival to the Kingdom, and apply precautionary measures to manage those originating from those countries.

Saudi Arabia attests that these methods are transitory and dependent upon uninterrupted assessment by the authorities.


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