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Saudi Arabia Launches ‘Instant Visa’ Scheme

Saudi Arabia on Monday announced the launch of an instant visa scheme which aims to support entrepreneurs as they set up new businesses in the Gulf kingdom.

Ahmed Al-Rajhi, Minister of Labour and Social Development, announced the launch in a tweet which said the instant visa will play “an important role”.

“We are pleased to announce the launch… which will have an important role in supporting male and female entrepreneurs, and stimulating and accelerating business growth,” a translation of the original Arabic tweet read.

He said that it will enable young Saudis to launch start-up projects, open small businesses, boost economic growth and accelerate business expansion plans.

The instant visa plan was first revealed late last year when Al-Rajhi said the ministry will provide a comprehensive set of integrated tools for small business owners, along with a framework for nationalising the workforce.

He added at the time that the ministry had carried out a number of extensive studies to determine the requirements of small businesses for migrant workers, so that the new visa service meets their needs.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development launched a visa service for established businesses that are in the process of expanding, as part of its efforts to increase the annual growth of recently established enterprises.

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