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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Citizen arrested for slapping doctor at Makkah hospital

A Saudi man was arrested after assaulting two doctors at Al-Noor Specialist Hospital in Makkah. The citizen, in his 40s, is accused of slapping a female emergency doctor in the face. He also assaulted a doctor who tried to calm him down before hospital security guards intervened.

The branch office of the Public Prosecution and the Aziziyah Police Station in Makkah are investigating the crime. Hatem Al-Masoudi, spokesman of the Makkah Health Cluster, said that the doctors were attacked on Saturday while they were performing their duty at the emergency section.

Al-Masoudi stressed the keenness of the Makkah Health Cluster to ensure the safety of patients and all its health staffers, saying that it does not tolerate in any way harming or attacking them verbally and physically. It will spare no effort in protecting its employees and cadres and taking legal measures to ensure protection of their rights and guarantee justice in the event of causing any harm to them.


Saudi Gazette

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