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‘Qobqob’ Crab Fishing Ban Set To Be Lifted Tomorrow

The executive body of the Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) has officially lifted the ban on fishing for crab, locally known as Qobqob, in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This decision will take effect tomorrow, following a twomonth ban that was implemented on March 15.

Qobqob, affectionately regarded as the king of the beaches in Bahraini popular culture, holds a special place as a highly sought-after delicacy in Bahraini cuisine.

Sustainability With the resumption of crab fishing, locals can once again indulge in the cherished delicacy, all while ensuring the long-term sustainability of this iconic species.

Due to a significant decline in crab populations, authorities have taken action to ensure their preservation.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Assam, the Director General of Marine Resources in the Executive Body of the SCE, highlighted that the ban on fishing, trading, or selling of crabs (Qobqob) was implemented to protect and sustain the stock of marine species in Bahrain’s territorial waters, particularly during their crucial period of fertilisation and reproduction.

Positive impact These measures, he stressed, have a positive impact on the abundance of these species, benefiting local markets during the hunting season.

Furthermore, the Director General for Marine Resources commended the fishing community for their collaborative efforts and adherence to the law during the ban period.


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