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Will Locusts Spread Coronavirus in Bahrain?

“Never try to eat or even touch locusts that can now be found in swarms in the western areas of Bahrain,” says the environmental researcher, Dr. Shubbar Al-Wedaie.

He explained that there is a possibility of these locusts carrying diseases from the areas they came from. He added that locusts were coming from the areas where there is a spread of epidemics, common diseases, and infectious diseases. He explained that it is not excluded that they would come from the areas infected with the widely spread Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Al-Wedaie attributed the return of locusts swarms to the environmental changes and aerial depressions that affected the Arabian Gulf region, noting that locust swarms pathways may be affected by air masses and winds.

He called for taking caution in touching and dealing with locusts, especially for children who like to play locusts out of curiosity and exploration, as it may be loaded with diseases even if it is not eaten. Al-Wedaie called on the Agricultural and Marine Agency and the Ministry of Health to conduct laboratory studies on samples of widespread locusts and direct the community to deal and spread societal culture on it to avoid infection with the spread of diseases.


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