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Flaunting wealth on IG



The Rich Kids of Dubai have shared plenty of snaps of their enviable lifestyles on their namesake Instagram account which has amassed more than 70,000 followers.



The blurb of the social media account suggests from the offset that these are no ordinary teenagers.
It reads: ‘We feature Dubai’s most fabulous people! Dubai Cars, Dubai Fashion, Dubai Property THE DUBAI DREAM’.
While most teenagers reserve their Instagram for the odd casual selfie, the photos featured on the account see the wealthy subjects enjoying extraordinary lives.
Social media is often awash with photos of people’s pets, however the animals on the account are a little more exotic than your average dog or cat.
In one remarkable photo rapper Tinie Tempah, who was enjoying a break in Dubai, can be seen taking a pet for a walk – with the pet just happening to be a fully grown tiger.
In a similar snap a cheetah can be seen going for a ride with its owners perching on the seat of a Maserati with a red leather interior.
Wardrobe shots are popular on the account, showing off an incredible displays of pricey designer clothes, jewelry, and handbags. One snap showcases a woman’s awesome collection of hundreds of high heeled shoes in her closet There is no shortage of flash cars on the popular Instagram account with plenty willing to show off their flashy vehicles.
While cars may be the typical excuse for bragging rights, other members of the account opted for even more ostentatious modes of transport.
Serbian television personality Jelena Karleuša touches down in the holiday resort in style in her private helicopter with the Jumeirah hotel and palm trees filling the background of the photo.
The phrase ‘money is no object’ could not be more prevalent among the wealthy residents of Dubai with one snap seeing a group of women standing on a pile of money.
In another photo, brand rep Alii Muhammed is pictured studying a map, surrounded by Louis Vuitton luggage as well as his own personal entourage of body guards.
Most of those featured on the site appear to agree that they are living the high life with hashtags including #richkids #thegoodlife #thefablife #thedream and #luxury.


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