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Coronavirus Fears – Kuwait Tourism Face Worst Crises in 19 Years!

Travel and tourism agencies described the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the aviation sector as catastrophic. They said that the sector is experiencing one of its worst crises since September 2001 and during the war to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, the flight traffic to and from Kuwait crashed by 80%.

Since the crisis of corona escalated people are reluctant to travel due to fear of contracting the disease. Director-General of International Travel Tourism Elias Mansour said “People fear coronavirus, in Kuwait or other countries, the reservations, has almost stopped, travellers do not search for other countries to replace the infected countries, no one wants to travel.

Another source in the same industry said that “The plane which carries 360 people from Kuwait to Gulf destinations such as Dubai and Doha is now carrying only 9 and another 12 people, and there is no new request for reservations, and we receive too many requests to cancel reservations”

General manager of Al-Salihiya World for Travel and Tourism Ayman Zindah described two types of travelers. The first is for business trips who are trying to postpone their travel dates as much as possible, and business trips are limited to emergency cases. As for the second section, they are the pioneers of tourism. In this aspect, the volume of cancellations of reservations is more than 60%.

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