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Coronavirus: Expats From 4 Countries Cannot Return To Oman

Expatriates of Chinese, Italian, Iranian and South Korean nationality who live in Oman will not be allowed to return to the Sultanate, should they travel overseas, even if their visas are valid.

The rule applies for citizens of these four countries in Oman, should they decided to either travel to their home country or any other overseas location. This decision was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and comes as Oman puts in place more measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

An official from the MoFA explained, “The decision to not allow people from these four countries into Oman is because the Ministry of Health has clarified that the disease is prevalent there, in terms of there being many coronavirus cases in Iran, South Korea, China, and Italy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls all residents from these four countries to stay in the Sultanate.”

In addition, expats of other nationalities who attempt to enter Oman from these four countries will also not be permitted to do so.

A statement issued by MoFA said, “The concerned authorities have clarified that due to the increase in cases of coronavirus infections in some countries, visitors to the Sultanate from those countries where the disease is prevalent will not be allowed to enter from all air, sea and land ports, as a precautionary measure, even if they have transited through other countries, and have valid visas allowing them to enter the country.”

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