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Coronavirus: 47 Cases Confirmed in Bahrain

As part of the efforts exerted to combat the Coronavirus, in order to protect the safety of citizens and residents and prevent its spread, the Ministry of Health confirmed that 1977 people from Iran and the affected countries were examined, and 1930 people were found free of Coronavirus, while 47 people are undergoing treatment and are all in stable condition.

The Ministry of Health stated that, within the 47 cases, 6 new cases were diagnosed with Coronavirus (Covid 19) today – three Bahraini women, two Bahraini citizens and a Saudi citizen who had arrived through indirect flights from Iran through Bahrain International Airport, bringing the number to 47.

The six new cases were transferred to one of the isolation centres to receive the necessary treatment and care under the supervision of a specialized medical staff as soon as the results of laboratory tests confirmed the virus

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