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Bahrain: Wanted Man Illegally Enters Through Causeway

A Gulf national, who succeeded in entering the Kingdom using a stolen identity card, was caught on King Fahad Causeway on his way out of the Kingdom. The details of the case show that the man was wanted to serve an imprisonment sentence issued against him here in absentia after he was convicted in a drugs consumption and possession case.

In his statement, he told the interrogators that he stole someone’s wallet in his country and used the identity card of the person to enter Bahrain through the causeway without being questioned.

The man apparently succeeded to cheat the Customs Officer and entered the country in a taxi after using the card that he claimed was his, according to Prosecutors.

After he finished his trip here, he attempted to exit Bahrain using the same method, they added. However, this time, the Customs Officer on the Bahraini side of the Causeway suspected whether the card originally belonged to the defendant.

The unconvinced officers then decided to escort him to the Saudi Customs, where his fingerprint could be checked. The defendant was then handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Department in Interior Ministry, which later referred to the Public Prosecution.

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