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Bahrain Urges To Avoid Public Gatherings

The Ministry of Interior in Bahrain urged concerned bodies not to organise public gatherings in the next two weeks.

In order to reinforce social responsibility in confronting coronavirus (COVID-19) and to boost public safety and inform the public about the latest happenings of the reinforcement of community security, the ministry announced today that the names and locations of those who returned from Iran in February  2020 have been listed.

There are 2292 individuals who returned to Bahrain before the announcement of the virus outbreak in Iran, of which 310 citizens had responded to the call of the national campaign and took appointments for medical tests through the hotline 444, the ministry revealed.

The ministry thanked those who registered for appointments for their safety and the safety of their families and the community. It affirmed that the required legal proceedings would be taken against anyone who returned from Iran in February and didn’t call to make appointments for the tests. It highlighted that preventing the outbreak of the infection is the responsibility of individuals and society as a whole.

Those targeted should call the hotline to registered, and if the results of their tests would be negative, they would immediately send home to stay in separate rooms through the quarantine period. They would be provided with two-week paid medical leaves.

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