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Bahrain: Twenty Expat Women Forced into Prostitution

Chief Prosecutor, Nawaf Al-Awadhi, said that the Public Prosecution has completed its investigations into the case of trafficking in foreign girls and illegally depriving them of their liberty, adding that nine suspects will stand trial on March 3 at the High Criminal Court.

The Kazakh Consulate reported that one of its female nationals had been tortured in order to force her into prostitution, and accordingly the anti-human trafficking police launched investigations, which led to identifying the victim, as well as 20 other ones who were also exploited and forced into prostitution.

Investigations revealed that a criminal group, headed by a Bahraini suspect and comprising four Kazakh women, exploited the girls and forced them to engage in prostitution, while another foreign defendant would receive the girls upon their arrival in the country, and transfer them to the clients.

All suspects were arrested, and the proceeds of the crime resulting from trafficking in victims, including a sum of approximately BD 200,000 and narcotic drugs, were seized.

The Public Prosecution listened to the statements of the victims and ordered them to be placed in the shelter centre to receive the necessary medical and psychological care, Al-Awadhi said, adding that the victims underwent medical tests and the Forensic Lab examined the seized items.

The Public Prosecution also questioned the defendants, confronted them with seized items, and ordered that they be remanded in custody, ahead of their referral to the criminal trial to receive the most severe punishment including prison terms and fines.

As per the law, the suspects will be obliged to pay all expenses, including the expenses of returning the victim to their home countries.

On the other hand, travel procedures have been facilitated for the victims who returned to their country based on their will and at the expense of the state.

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