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Bahrain: Stop Spreading Fake News Through Social Media

WhatsApp audio clips and other fake news related to Coronavirus are being circulated through social media. We came across an audio clip where a woman can be heard telling- 

“The situation is really bad in Bahrain as Coronavirus is spreading fast. Schools have been closed for 2 weeks and we are all at home as we are instructed to not go out of our homes. We have bought in the required stocks for our use and are staying indoors as we cannot get out. There is also a shortage of water as it is being sent to the hospitals. Shopping malls and other shops have closed. Please pray for us as we are in a really dangerous situation. In Bahrain, 33 people are affected and the rest are being quarantined. There are many kids among these as well which is why the schools and universities are shut down. Bahrain has become a dead place. We request your valuable prayers for us.” [Translated]

Such rumours and fake news worsens the situation by panicking the citizens and the residents. All are requested to verify the source of the news before forwarding it.

A number of doctors have also assured that there is nothing to worry about even after detecting a case of Coronavirus as the global cure rate of COVID-19 reached 97.5%, while the death rate did not exceed 2.5%. They called on all to follow the health instructions issued by the Ministry of Health. They also noted that there should be no stress, anxiety and surrender to fear, especially since the negative psychological state is an attractive factor for diseases.

Infected individuals are immediately transferred to Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Community Medical Center for isolation and treatment after tests confirmed that they were carrying COVID-19. All individuals in contact with the infected patients are also being quarantined as per preventive efforts.

The Ministry has highlighted that a comprehensive medical protocol is being followed to combat COVID-19, which is in line with established international guidelines as set out by the Gulf Health Council (GHC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Ministry calls upon all citizens and residents who are experiencing symptoms of COVID19 to isolate themselves, call ‪444 and follow the instructions given by the medical team, and avoid close contact with others.

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