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Bahrain: Restaurant Shut Down After Multiple Complaints

A restaurant in Manama was shut down and owners were referred to the Public Prosecution due to their repeated health violations, announced the Ministry of Health.

Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health took this action after a video that showed violations of the restaurant and complaints of customers went viral.

The ministry stated that it issued an administrative decision to close a restaurant after being checked by inspectors from the Food Control Section in the ministry.

During the inspection visit, the ministry added, which was conducted by a public health specialist, an inspector from the Inspection Department of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, a number of violations and offenses that were not in line with the public health requirements were monitored and recorded. The Ministry noted that the shutdown decision and referral to the public prosecutors were immediately made.

In this regard, public health officials urged owners of restaurants to follow the health requirements and to observe the controls of handling, cooking and preserving food-related matters, caring for public and personal hygiene and adherence to the practice of licensed activity.

They also called on consumers, citizens and residents, to cooperate with the Ministry of Health through communication through official channels, to record proposals and submit observations or complaints to the relevant authorities so that they, in turn, take the necessary measures and provide solutions to remedy the observations and problems submitted in the light of the communications received.

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