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Bahrain: New technical conditions for trucks to enhance road safety

The General Directorate of Traffic has issued new technical conditions for trucks to enhance road safety, including installing cameras and sensors in the back and front sides.

Yellow warning lights should also be installed on top of heavy vehicles, except the locomotive and trailers in which the warning lights are installed in the left corner.

Two fire extinguishers and two signs highlighting the type of loads and their international symbols should be placed on the vehicle’s two sides. The name and telephone number of the company should also be placed on both sides of the vehicle.

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The new conditions also include sticking luminous strips on the front, rear and side barriers of the vehicle that can be seen at night, or during low visibility.

Trucks loading boxes, fridges, or curtains, should have the sides highlighted with luminous yellow and red strips and reflective panels.

Truck owners must install reflective warning signs in the rear bumper’s corners or in a clear-to-see location above it.

The side mirrors should be suitable for the vehicle’s size and length to enable the driver to see clearly. A smaller additional mirror should be installed to assist the driver in seeing close side angles. Front top mirrors should be placed on the right side to assist the driver in seeing under the driving cabin. Front mirrors should be placed at the front of the driving cabin to see the down angles.

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