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Bahrain: Murder Attempt – Court Acquits Accused Man

The Fourth High Criminal Court has acquitted a GCC man who’s accused of premeditated murder after medical reports proved he was mentally ill. However, the court ordered his deportation.

As reported earlier, the GCC national attempted to murder his son-in-law using a kitchen knife and attacked his wife. He reportedly took the boy by surprise and he stabbed him several times before assaulting his wife. The man attributed his actions to receiving a call from a third party who allegedly informed him that his wife was dating another man. However, investigations uncovered that the man didn’t receive any calls at the time he alleged he was tipped off about his wife’s alleged affair. It was also found that he had issues with his wife, as a result of which he carried out his attack.

A medical report attached to the court files revealed that the defendant stabbed his son-in-law in the neck and caused a cut in his ear. “There are so many problems between us and several ongoing cases filed against each other,” the wife said in her statement before the Public Prosecution. “At that night, I was sitting with my child in my apartment. Suddenly he broke in and attacked us,” she added.

Based on the medical report, which proved the man was mentally ill and has no control over certain actions, the court announced its verdict, that is in accordance with Article 31 of the Kingdom’s Penal Code, which states: “A person who has unknowingly or without an option committed an act constituting a crime shall not be held liable.”


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