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Bahrain: Man Claims Laundered Money is from “Chicken Hatcheries”

The Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal has upheld the imprisonment of a Bahraini man convicted of money laundering. The appellant was earlier sentenced to five years of imprisonment and fined BD5,000 for the charge. Additionally, he is now serving an imprisonment sentence of 10 years after he was found guilty of selling drugs.

When arrested, police reported that five bags of methamphetamine (a drug that is locally known as Shabu), 68 grammes of hashish, BD10,000 in cash and other GCC currencies, and deposit slips worth BD7,000 were found in his possession.

During the interrogation, the defendant denied that the money was generated from selling drugs, claiming that it was the outcome of investing in chicken hatcheries; a claim that was later proven by investigators to be false.

As per the last upholding of the money laundering conviction, the man will now serve a total of 15 years imprisonment in addition to paying fines of BD5,000 for each of the two cases.

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