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Bahrain: Man Burns Wife’s Car Over Family Dispute

The High Criminal Court sentenced a Bahraini to one year in prison after he deliberately burned his wife’s car. The wife, who parked the car at her family’s house, lived with her family for a month because of a family dispute.

Details of the family case, according to the court’s documents and the husband’s confessions, indicated that upon a dispute between the accused and his wife, who was living in her father’s house for almost a month, he poured the oil on her car and burned it.

The husband added that he was married for 28 years and he had gifted the car and to his wife. He stated that there were always disputes between them, but this time my anger intensified with my wife’s. He noted that he left the house so as not to beat anyone and went to her father’s house. When he saw the car was empty and no one close to it, he burned a small part in the car’s back.

For her part, the victim who is 43 years old, said that there were always disputes with her husband, and she has been living in her father’s house for a month because he always suspected her out of jealousy. On that day, she added, someone told her mother that her car was burning and she called her brother and neighbors to put the out the fire.

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