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Bahrain: Expat Sentenced Over “BD4 Dispute”

The Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal has upheld the three months imprisonment sentence issued against an expat who joined another convict in assaulting a man and causing a five percent permanent disability to him over an unpaid BD4 transportation fee.

The man appealed against the verdict issued against him by the First High Criminal Court in October, pleading not guilty. However, the court had ordered to permanently deport the defendant after he serves his sentence. As reported earlier, the incident took place on April 25, 2017, when the pair agreed to transport their victim from his home in Manama to his workplace in Muharraq and vice versa in return of BD4. They apparently demanded him to double the amount without pre-agreement and when he rejected, they attacked him and broke his nose.

According to court files, an ear and nose specialist revealed in the medical report after examining the victim that he suffered deviated septum and inflation in the nostrils, stating that his disability is permanent and is estimated at five percent. “Once I told them I am not going to pay you extra money, they immediately attacked me. They punched me in the face and then escaped, leaving bleeding on the road,” the victim told prosecutors earlier.

Last October, the First High Court sentenced the first defendant in absentia to five years imprisonment for assault and his accomplice, the appellant, received a three months imprisonment sentence for assisting the first defendant in the crime.

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