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Bahrain: Court Reduces Imprisonment Sentence for “Face-Punch”

A Bahraini man who was jailed for breaking a man’s jaw using brass knuckles recently got his imprisonment sentence reduced from three years to one year by the First Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal.

The man was convicted of assault after he caused a 12 percent permanent disability to the victim, as shown in the report submitted to the court by the coroner. The incident took place in a theme park in the Capital Governorate after a dispute erupted between both the attacker and the victim.

According to the statements of eyewitnesses, the appellant punched the victim in the face while wearing brass knuckles, breaking his jaw and causing permanent disability to his face. The appellant apparently apologised to the victim through a chain of messages on WhatsApp asking for forgiveness. However, his apology wasn’t accepted from the victim’s side. In fact, the messages were used as evidence to convict him.


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