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“Mentally Unstable” Bahraini Stabs Neighbour

The First High Criminal Court has issued its verdict in a case involving a Bahraini man who stabbed his neighbour after a dispute over a parking spot by ordering to admit the defendant to the Psychiatric Hospital.

This comes after the court reviewed medical reports determining the mental health of the 23-year-old defendant, who faced the charge of attempted murder. The psychiatry report mentioned that the defendant does not suffer from any organic diseases or auditory hallucinations, however, the report showed that he suffers from slight mental retardation and cannot judge complex or medium matters. It was also revealed that the defendant has a file at the Psychiatry Hospital since 2011, but has not followed up with the hospital on a regular basis.

As earlier reported, the man stabbed the 48-year-old victim multiple times, before escaping the spot and leaving the latter in a pool of blood. The stabbing incident took place on February 12 last year in Galali in the Muharraq Governorate. The defendant was arrested on the same day.

Investigations revealed that the accused had the intention to kill the victim, as he prepared a knife for this purpose and monitored the victim’s movements. The latter was walking on the public road when the stabbing happened. It was also unfolded by the Prosecutors that both men, who were neighbours, had verbal disputes multiple times before the incident took place, because of a parking spot in the neighbourhood.

The accused allegedly stabbed the victim and continued stabbing him with the intention of killing him and later fled the scene before the police arrived, leaving the victim, who was later rushed to the hospital, in a pool of blood. Despite the defendant’s repeated denials, an eyewitness informed the prosecutors that he saw the suspect stabbing the victim while the latter was lying helpless on the floor. The witness also informed that the suspect fled the scene and left the victim bleeding on the floor.

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