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Bahrain: Court Frees Man Who Responded To Sectarian Incitement After Apology

The Third Minor Criminal Court yesterday ordered the release of a Bahraini defendant who faced allegations of insulting another individual.

The saga began last April when the man at the receiving end of the comparison was found guilty of fanning the flames of division and inciting hatred against a Bahraini sect.

The court has scheduled 22 May as the date for rendering a final verdict in his case and has imposed travel restrictions on him.

During the court proceedings, the accused appeared alongside his lawyer, Hussein Aqeel, who passionately pleaded for his client’s acquittal.

He argues that his client’s video was but a reflex, a mirror to the actions of the man who had already been judged by the same court for his divisive rhetoric.

Aqeel paints a picture of remorse, telling the court that the video was erased from the digital dunes within hours, as his client realised it had crossed the line.

Notably, the defendant both began and concluded the clip by emphasising shared brotherhood.

Additionally, in a bid to smooth things over, he issued another video in which he offered a direct apology.

The defence lawyer drew attention to the defendant’s recent marriage, which had taken place several days after the incident.

Approximately 20 days had elapsed since then, and Aqeel urged the court to consider maximum leniency and suspend any potential punishment if the defendant were to be convicted.

The accused expressed deep regret for the video, acknowledging that it had strayed beyond its intended scope.

His prompt retraction of the material and ensuing apology served to underscore his regret. Burdened by the pecuniary ramifications of his detention, the defendant revealed that his incurred expenses exceeded 75 thousand dinars.

He avowed his dedication to the nation’s concord and his earnest aspiration to make amends for his actions.

The case came to light when the Public Prosecution received a complaint from the victim — a man who had previously been imprisoned for inciting hatred against a specific group.

The victim learned about the accused’s video, which had gained traction on social media platforms.

In the contentious clip, the defendant overlaid his voice on a recently directed video, impinging upon the complainant’s dignity and repute. The defendant also shared the clip through his public account.


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