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Bahrain: 300 Expats to be Terminated from Government

No expatriates have been hired by the Ministry of Education in the past two years, it is learnt. According to ministry sources, the ministry stopped the recruitment of expatriates to increase the recruitment of Bahrainis.

“The ministry has terminated the contracts of 370 expatriates in recent years while 900 Bahrainis have been employed in the same period,” a ministry official said.

Meanwhile, the official also confirmed that 300 foreign employees from various government entities will not have their contract renewed and will be free to leave while Bahrainis will be chosen to take their posts.

More than a year ago, a document circulated online sparked controversy after it showed that the Ministry of Education was recruiting 40 teachers from Egypt. The matter stirred a debate on local social media networks, as Education Ministry repeatedly announced in the past few years that it strives to Bahrainise jobs in public educational institutions and reduce the numbers of unemployed Bahraini teachers.


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